SoftCamEditor 7.0

SoftCamEditor allows to edit key files used by emulators of TV crypt systems
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SoftCamEditor is a program that allows to edit key files used by emulators of TV crypt systems. This software has a clear and handy interface. It is easy to use, you can do all the operations using only your mouse. There is embedded navigation system – Browser window, where you can look through web pages and download the latest keys. Drag and drop function simplifies the editing. It will help you put data into the editing fields from other programs. Also using this function you can transfer information from one key file into another, as well as organize crypt systems in a tree. To start using this program you should select a file, open and convert it, i.e. save in .key or .db formats. Then choose the Key definition option in the Tools menu, and fill in all the fields of the opened form. Note, that Crypt system name and System ID fields can’t be edited.
After you filled in all the fields, selected Edit option in the File menu, there will appear the possibility to restore the changes, if you need. Also all key files may be placed as a tree for easier navigation. Besides, you can change fonts of the key tree, and edit a provider list to define the provider name, using its ID when filling the tree of the key file.

Julia Galygo
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  • Clear and handy interface
  • Embedded navigation system
  • Drag and drop function
  • Free


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